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Roxy is going for a surgery

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We had a visit today at the vets, and during the exam, vet told me he felt enlargements in her abdominal area. We did x-ray, which showed enlarged spleen. Vet said it could be a tumor and cancerous, he wont know until they remove it. I don't know what other options i have at this point. He said we can do an ultrasound, but that wont help me much, really.
So, we scheduled a surgery this coming Tuesday.

I don't know if this is the right decision.
Anyone had a dog with spleen problems?
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Oh no!
I hope all turns out well! I'll keep her in my prayers. So scary when you hear things like this about our furbabies isn't it.
Keep us posted.
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Thank you Linda. I'll let you know how it went on Tuesday.
prayer for roxy on the way...
& for you, too.
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Hope all turns out well. These are like our kids. My prayers are with you...
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Friend of mine's dog (mix) had an enlarged spleen, when they got in there it was actually torsioned.
Harley no longer has a spleen and is doing well

Oh and ask about stomach tack if they're removing the spleen, some feel the extra room without the spleen can make it easier for a stomach torsion
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Thank you elsie, french and Barb, i thought about asking for stomach tack, thank you for confirming this! I just hope it's not a cancer, and if it is, hope it didn't spread anywhere.
Poor baby she'll be in my thoughts
if its any help my husband is going in for surgery tuesday
thoughts and prayers are with you.
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It could very well be a torsion. Dogs can live with a spleen. My Vet recommended that we do CBC's at first every 3 months, then 6 months to a year, depending on how this looked on the previous tests.
Sending my best wishes and lots of warm thoughts and prayers for Roxy's spleen surgery.
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THe eldest has been spleen free for 4 or 5 years.
Thank you everyone for all the good thoughts. Her x-ray didn't look all that good. It's a quiet large mass.
When my St.Bernard mix had a spleen torsion his spleen was huge like the size of a basketball, when the spleen is usually the size of a larger man's fist. It was a long recovery period, 11 days at the Vet 9 on IV support, because of the bruising of the intestines.

So just wait and see how the surgery goes and the biopsied of the spleen.

Hang in there.
Roxy is back home from the surgery. She's all loopy, poor baby. :eek:(

It turned out to be NOT a spleen, but a Gastric volvulus and dilatation (GDV) Her spleen is perfectly healthy, and every other organ is looking good.
Vet tacked her stomach to prevent future bloating. I would have never guessed. Scary stuff.

Thank you all for good wishes!!
Glad to hear she's home and well!
Wow, so glad she did have a spleen problem but she is also lucky with the GDV!

She must have an angel running with her!
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