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Round Worms ugh!

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This morning while walking Max I noticed when he was going poo it looked like sphaggetti! Last night he sounded like he was trying to vomit but he did not. I was mortified when on a closer look the sphaggeti was moving! Worms! Poor Max. He was wormed right before we got him and the vet wormed him about two months ago. I could not believe how bad it was. I went and got some interceptor and he will now be on it monthly. Max's vet wanted to charge me 70$ for a six month supply, I thought that was a little steep so I called another vet and they only charged $35 what is up with that? Also is there a way to treat my yard for the round worm larvae?
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Oh boy... I hope someone will give you help with treating your yard... UGH... My female cat Iida had two rounds of round worms... she basically never got rid of them and they kept coming back... LET ME TELL YOU... not pretty... I konw those spaghetti like worms too well... did not eat spaghetti for a long time either afterwards..
Get him treated right away, and maybe the vet would know about treating your yard too???
Good luck!!
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