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There are only 2 types of worms the dog can pass you can actually see - roundworms are thin, long and stringy - and probably the most common type. If he is passing them, he has a pretty heavy load of them...puppies are born with these normally as the eggs lie dormant in the dam's internal organs and are passed on to the pups. European import pups invariably come over loaded with worms, while we in the US seem to be more diligent in worming our litters regularly (at least the people I know are!).

the other type is tapeworms - which can be long, wider, and segmented, these also break off in tiny segments and make their way out of the intestines through the rectum. They can look like rice grains on the fur as they die and dry up.

Roundworms run in a cycle - 10-12, we worm every 10 days, for 3 days in a row for a heavy load...and repeat 2 or 3 times, depending on the egg load you see on microscopic inspection - or what the dog is passing!

It is easily controllable with aggressive follow ups.

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