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round worm

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how can you tell the diffrents between them ? i went on this web site and it said you can't, So how dose the vet know.
All i know was Ty sicked up and there were 2 worms in his sick. he has been dewormed by the vet and not due for another one until the first week in june, he dose have this thing about poop and eating it
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They look like sphagetti. Call your vet to get a wormer, my pup seems to have problems with worms so I give him a wormer once a month. Eating poop will keep giving him worms you could try feeding him a little bit of pineapple it makes the poop taste bitter.

There are several types of worms your dog can get. The vet knows the types of worms because they study the sample under a microscope and they have been trained to differntiate between types of worms and eggs. Trust your vet!!

Often when a dogs is being treated for worms, you will see them "get rid of them" either through stool or vomit.

If you have any questions about your dog needing another treatment or what you are seeing the dog expel, it is best to ask them! Usually a puppy is treated once and then again in 3-4 weeks. I recommend not allowing your dog to eat the poo as this may reinfest them with worms. Clean up right after your dog - even in your own yard.
There are only 2 types of worms the dog can pass you can actually see - roundworms are thin, long and stringy - and probably the most common type. If he is passing them, he has a pretty heavy load of them...puppies are born with these normally as the eggs lie dormant in the dam's internal organs and are passed on to the pups. European import pups invariably come over loaded with worms, while we in the US seem to be more diligent in worming our litters regularly (at least the people I know are!).

the other type is tapeworms - which can be long, wider, and segmented, these also break off in tiny segments and make their way out of the intestines through the rectum. They can look like rice grains on the fur as they die and dry up.

Roundworms run in a cycle - 10-12, we worm every 10 days, for 3 days in a row for a heavy load...and repeat 2 or 3 times, depending on the egg load you see on microscopic inspection - or what the dog is passing!

It is easily controllable with aggressive follow ups.

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No worms here. Our F litter (full import litter 8 puppies) came over and were completely clear.

The people that we deal with for the k9s as well as dogs in Europe are pretty diligent on flea/tick control and worming on a consistent basis.

In Europe, we use Drontal Plus.
Round worms are slightly more common than tapeworms, I believe, especially in puppies. Roundworms looks like spaghetti and Tapeworms are flatter and have segments as has already been mentioned.

My Mums pup had Roundworms recently and so Cherry had to be dewormed too as she sometimes has a habit of eating all the poop
I think it's recommended that you deworm all dogs every few months anyway, just in case. They're easily picked up - and by humans too!
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