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Well, I got one of the new Roomba j7 for Christmas. Target had them down to $375 which was in my price range.

As a reminder, I am the primary pet owner and my spouse has much higher cleaning standards than I do. So I try hard to keep the pet mess down as much as possible with as little work as possible.

Overall, I am really happy with the new vacuum. It has a good mapping system so it cleans everywhere. It took about 16 hours of driving around to complete the map. Every once in a while my phone would beep and it would ask me to label a room, set a divider between two rooms, or confirm that something was an obstacle. Once the map has been set it does a good job of picking up hair. Ole's hair tends to blow around due to the furnace and air conditioner. So, it tends to clump up around and under furniture legs. With this vacuum, you can set clean zones so it spends some extra time working in those areas. It does a good job of cleaning under and around furniture.

At first, I was concerned about the size of the bin. It is a bit smaller than our last robot vacuum. However, the suction is quite a bit more powerful with this model so it can pack the hair in pretty well. As of early January in Wisconsin, I have it set to run three times per week. After each run, the bin is 2/3s full. If the bin does get full, it goes back to its base and sends a message to my phone to empty the bin. Then, it restarts cleaning where it left off. That works for me.

I did not get the self-emptying canister. I thought that might be asking too much considering the amount of hair it has to deal with. I empty the bin using a shop vac I keep in my office. It goes pretty quickly and the filters can be vacuumed off and reused. In addition to the hair, Ole seems to lose a fair bit of dander. I vacuum out the filter with each use.

You can set some keep-out zones so that it will stay away from pet bowls and beds. That is pretty handy.

I don't know how well the 'Pet Owner Official Promise' poop feature works to detect and avoid poop. But once it has been set, it does a good of going around dog chews and toys.

Overall, I think it will keep the Mrs. from being too annoyed by our messes.

Now, I need something to deal with the wet boots, gloves, hats, coats, and dog toys that I leave on the rug by the door when I come in from a walk. They are usually wet enough that I don't like to put them straight into the closet and make everything stinky. So, they dry on the rug until someone puts them away. Which unfortunately is often not me :(

Luckily, she thinks that me getting out a couple of times a day for walks and hikes with the dog is keeping my heart fit and my weight down. And that is worth a pile of wet clothes by the door. :)
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