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RIP Tracker - non gsd

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A member of my club had to pts one of her Giant Schnauzers, Tracker, this am. Tracker had cancer, discovered last summer.

Tracker is at Kayla's left in this picture taken last fall.

Tracker. We know you will be waiting at the bridge for Melinda, Kim and your brother Rocket Man
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im so so sorry to hear about Tracker, Tracker is a beautiful dog.
RIP gorgeous, your battle is done
That is so sad, he looks like a lovely boy. Please extend our hugs her way.
Run free noble boy, until you meet your people at the bridge.
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I am so sorry for the loss of Tracker. What a great picture of all the dogs, how did they all behave so nicely for photo?
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Tracker look for all the others that have gone before you. You are a beautiful dog. Wait for your master............
I am sorry for friend's loss. RIP, Tracker. Run free of pain.
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