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My dog is cut out for ring. Genetically, behaviorally, drive-wise and so on. To be honest ring is much more my personal style as well. The tracking component of SchH has never been something I have much interest in.

Problem I have is there are no local clubs at all. Not a chance of anything but flying out of state and I could only do that a couple times a year.

Two questions:

1. If I could temporarily work somewhere for a few months, where would be the best area to try out a ring sport club and work my dog? It seems that California has the most clubs, but New England would also be ideal for me. Please PM me with suggestions though it is fine to post publicly as well.

2. I can do the agility and OB components of ring on my own. My dog has already proven she can handle the jumps and has great endurance. How much can I do on my own?

French or mondio doesn't really matter to me.
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