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Has anyone ever had an issue with the rice in canned foods making a dog sick? I could be totally off base and my girl may just have a stomach bug but...

She eats Canidae, I added canned Canidae mid last week, Saturday morning vomit in crate (just a little) so I feed her as she is skin and bones and can't really afford to be missing meals. That day, vomit all day, didn't feed her that night, more vomit overnight, mostly bile. Little diarrhea Sunday started her on Metrondizole, got some I/D canned for her (Science diet), tried that ok for first meal, vomit more today just a little bit. Stopped I/D changed to A/D.

The reason I ask of rice is because that is a majority of what she vomits. Her dry food (if she had it) was partially digested, but not the rice. Today it was just the rice that is in I/D canned. I will see if she vomits the A/D we tried tonight. Was just wondering if anyone ever came across such a thing.

This is my newest rescue dog that I adopted, she has PDA and sereve SAS (congential heart disorders) and she is skin and bones due to that as her body/heart is working so hard. I am going to do a fecal and drontal her after I check her records as when she was last wormed. Aside from all this she is not at all acting sick. So if she holds the A/D down I think we are going to not put her back on the canidae canned...
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