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I thought I'd update in case it ends up helping someone. Willow has MASTERED this just within the last week or so.

I ended up just putting her outside and spying on her from inside to see if she'd go; it might take 5-10 minutes, but eventually she peed, and I immediately went outside with the clicker, clicked, and gave her a treat. I also started doing this on walks; when she first started to look like she was about to pee, I'd say "Go pee", she'd pee, and immediately after I'd click and treat.

Our trainer doesn't use the clicker (said it's just another thing to have in your hand when your hands are already full with leash, treats, etc.) but it seemed like the clicker in this case was the thing that made her really "get it". So now at bedtime we go out, go to her "spot", if she looks like she knows what to do I don't say anything, or if she starts wandering around I say "Go pee" and she pees, I click and treat.

She also poos in the yard when I let her out in the morning now. I feed her, wait 30 minutes, put her outside, and 20 minutes later we do our walk. Usually (not always) she has pood before our walk, which is good. I decided I don't need her to poo on command; she'll poo when she needs to and we walk enough that it should be fine. If she misses a morning poo I think she can hold it for 8 hours until the afternoon.

Anyway .In case this helps anyone.
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