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Retrieve and play drive? How much does your dog...

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On a scale of 1 to 10 where does your dog rate in this area?

10 being "Crazy fetcher" will retrieve until no one is left to throw.

1 being "Fetch? oh please, you must be kidding".
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i think 10 but hard to say. i only play with him 10 to 15 minutes at a time. i throw the ball for him and he retrieves it with no problem. i also hide his ball and ask him to find it. i hide his ball or tee shirts, my GF shoes or blouse and he goes and finds them and brings them to me or to her if she's playing with him. next i'm going to hide a set of keys and then a wallet. i teaching him to retrieve the wallet and keys because i'm going to teach him to pick them up if i'm walking down the street and drop them or in the house just send him to get them for me.
Re: Retrieve and play drive? How much does your do

In cold weather he's a 10. In warmer weather he wilts pretty quickly. He carries a ball around with him most of the time though...just like in my avatar.
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Re: Retrieve and play drive? How much does your do

Jake is a 10 when we start but somewhere around 5 minutes his "YEAH I'm gonna GET it but SHE has gotta try to catch me when I do!Kicks in I sometimes chase him at least once cause he is SO delighted wagging looking back and laughing at me I can't resist.If I ignore he will mostly come back for more at some point.
Re: Retrieve and play drive? How much does your do

Gia - 10.5

Tilden - 5, which i'm guessing is appropriate for "i'll chase gia chase the ball until no one is left to throw"
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Samson is a 10.

He prefers his frisbee but will take any of his furry girlfriend's toys and drop them at the feet of anyone, anywhere. He has a pitiful look, like 'no one plays with me' that easily convince friends and neighbors that we badly neglect him.

He is a fabulous fetcher, perhaps thinking that he is part retriever.
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Ris is probably a 9 or 10. She'll chase it til she drops (not that I've ever run her that long). However, she doesn't always bring it right back to me.

She tends to wilt a bit in the heat as well.
Kayla is pretty much a 10. She will slow down when it's warm as in, "hey I'll go get it but then I'm finding a shade spot!"
Jesse is 5, he is very calm and couch potato but if I say let's go play or let's go for a walk, he is all there, fetching maybe 10 minutes then off to do something else.
I got two tens, a four and a "I owe you one"

I accidently heat stressed one of them, was so glad to be at the house and lots of ice. thirty minutes later she wanted to go some more
Thunder is a 9, Sammy is a 1, Scooter is a 10, Ava is about a 4 right now but she's still young, Juno is a 1 but again she's still very young.
Diabla is a 10 or more. I haven't seen her tired of fetching yet, and when I had a cold and had no energy to play tug or to train I only played fetch with her and it could be more than an hour every time.

If I don't give her something to fetch she "fetch herself" trowing stones back with her front paws and running to catch them, sometimes even in the air. She HAVE to be always doing something, don't expect of her to be tied calmly to a tree, she will find something to play with or she will make it.

Even in our Monday trips, after 3 or 4 hours walking and climbing she is constantly grabbing stones, just to have something in the mout,h so I have to have always a ball or kong with me to discourage playing with rocks.
Brenna would be a 2. If she is already hyper and playful she will chase the ball once or twice. Sometimes she even brings it back the first time. I've tried to encourage her to play fetch but she wants nothing to do with it.
Kaiser, Wulf, Raven and Della.... 10
Kali.... 9
Nara.... She's really hot/cold. Some days she's a 10, other days when she's in a "mood" she's about a 1. So I'll go with the average and say 5 or 6.
Eyra and Jack ~ 10
D maybe a 5, he loves to run get stuff but does not really want to bring it back..
Max ~ 0 no interest in play fetch what-so-ever..
Sarah is in love with the idea of fetch, and brings it back about 50% of the time, the rest she just chases it, looks at it intently and runs off. I have been getting a lot of exercise. I'd give her a 5, she never fails to run.
All three GSD's I've had have been a 10 with retrieving. Even my old German Showline Zeus would chase a ball and bring it back 'til his pads fell off of his feet.
Brady is a 10 he'll even want to play in the house
Re: Retrieve and play drive? How much does your do

Mine is about a 12. She can't walk five feet without picking up a toy. She is currently laying on the couch with one balanced on her paws. Outside she will fetch for hours, inside she will bring me or anyone toys for hours to throw.

She also dug some pretty deep holes learning to play fetch with herself. She would drop the ball and paw at it until it shot behind her - fetch it, put it back in the hole and start over again.

She is also trying to "fetch" the water stream from the lawn sprinkler. She will run to the sprinkler head and bite at the water stream, then run to the end of the arc and try to catch it before it hits the ground.
My Brandie is a 12
, she will chase the ball until I DROP...
My Cody is a 7... with tennis balls at least, he can almost be about 5-6.. his soccer ball... he is 11..
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