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Restless Sleeping

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I am very pleased with my GSD’s behavior at 6 months old.
However, I do have one problem she is a very restless sleeper. She gets plenty of exercise during the day, but for whatever reason she does not sleep very well.
We keep her in a large wire crate that she shares with a Westie.
The problem is about half a dozen times through the night she wakes up and kicks her blankets around and plops herself down in the crate this makes quite a bit of racket and wakes my wife up (bad news for me). Any suggestions?
I thought about taking the westie out but they both seem to really enjoy the others company (prior to getting the GSD the westie slept with us)?
I thought about putting something in the crate at night to limit how much she can move around but not sure that will help either.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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I might suggest his own crate, maybe a plastic kennel? they dont make as much noise. My girl went through a phase like that, puppy dreams or something, one night she started yelping like someone was trying to kill her, I FLIPPED and got to her like the house was on fire...she was fine.....just a bad dream......
i agree with betsy here, maybe try a smaller plastic crate and try putting a blanket or towel over it. This should help calm her down when its time for bed.
I would DEFINATELY have her in her own crate. (Might want to read the post about 2 dogs trying to kill eachother. They were crated together!) And chances are she just isn't that TIRED. She is a puppy, she might get "plenty" of exercise during the day, but she probably sleeps during the day too.
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