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For the most part, it sounds like Cheryl is on the right track with Siena. Doggie time outs may sound silly to some, but IMO they work. My female Mya has a some issues "sharing" as well, and when she makes a move, i quickly put her in her crate or send her to my room to her pillow for a time out. Sometimes if its over a toy or ball i will make her take a timeout, by giving her a down-stay in the same room, but away from us (me and the other dogs) so she can watch and see that everyone else can play together with no issues. Once she is calm and relaxed I'll ask her to join us, but then the toys go away and they can only play with one another.

If the issue seems to be instigated by you, i would talk to Cheryl about handleing her more often when you are around. That way she has to focus on Cheryl and what shes asking her to do. You can be in the room, but should be a "wall flower" and just observe. Dont associate with any of the other dogs, and see how she reacts.

I would definatley bring it up with your new vet as well, seeing as how it came up so abruptly, it may be a health issue. You mentioned some nerve problems in her hind end, i've noticed that some dogs become lathargic or "clingy" to their owners for less of better words when they arent feeling up to par. So having other dogs trying to get your attention while shes feeling this way, may be causing the problem.

Keep us posted!
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