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I would definatley bring it up with your new vet as well, seeing as how it came up so abruptly, it may be a health issue.

From the original poster:
"She does have some continuing digestive issues that we have been battling since we got her and possibly a nerve issue in the hind legs."

Despite those medical issues, which could be responsible for her behavior -atleast in some degree, you also need to consider that your female is at a difficult age right now.

I would also reconsider if the doggy daycare isn't too stressful for your dog and ask myself, if the dog is really happy there. There are alot of dogs, who'd rather stay home alone (or have a petsitter come by), then be in the always competing environment with other dogs.
Keep up the things you already do (not reward her behavior), remove the stressors (the other dogs) and give her the confidence she needs, so that she has no need to guard anything.
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