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RESCUED! Elizabethton, TN "Nudzie" M adult B&T

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"Nudzie" is listed as a "Belgian Sheepdog", apparently meaning Malinois. This one looks more like a GSD w/malinois coloring, according to people who have seen him, and judging from other pictures. I have some other pictures, but have no time now to make them display here. Will try this evening.

I know very little about him, except that he is neutered, and was a stray. I'll post more, later.

Nudzie's Petfinder page
From shelter's website:
"We are a Kill Shelter, and very small in size. There is little room to house dogs for long periods of time, so all dogs are considered URGENT!! THIS SHELTER IS VERY RESCUE FRIENDLY!!
Please call the shelter and save a life!! Contact Wendy or Freddy at 423-547-6359"
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Re: Elizabethton, TN "Nudzie" M adult B&T

I'm now told that "he's a very nice dog" (no details). Was found in a nice red harness, with no leash. Will try to post more pictures later, so please check back. I'll try to find out more - eg. chip check, type of harness (?tracking), etc.
Re: Elizabethton, TN "Nudzie" M adult B&T

Looks beautiful.
Re: Elizabethton, TN "Nudzie" M adult B&T

He was really urgent, and was rescued! Sorry I didn't have time to post his other pictures - He has a classic American GSD body/coat/tail, unlike a Malinois. I couldn't say he's not part Mal, though, because of his color (dark face, faded saddle).

Unfortunately, I heard that the rescue who took him had to pass up 2 GSDs at the Greeneville, TN shelter. If anyone can check on them, I'd appreciate it. I'm at work, and can't do it right now. (note the spelling of GreenEville)
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