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Reign got a bath

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She decided to roll in poop
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Lol, she looks miserable in the first two shots. In the last one, she looks like she wants to say "yeah, I got a bath, but I hated it and I'm not very happy!"
Oh my, what a cutie! I love the ear thing that's going on too. Females at that age seem to have the same 'what?? me???' look in their eyes.
im wondering if shes gunna have a semilong coat as all her siblings hair is relaly short put her isnt. Yah she hates bath, she whined and howled the entire time, she is a big baby my cats take a bath better than her
What a little cutie!
So cute!!! Definitely doesn't look too happy about the bath. lol
:spittingcoffee: so cute!!!!!!
She's so cute!
You'll have to hang around and update pictures every month....I love watching the changes a sable goes through!
i def will. we MAY breed her if i can get here titled and health tested, im wanting to obedience, rally, shutz, and agility oonce i finish paying for her
I love the way the puppy fuzz looks right after a bath ;) cute
LOL! What a cutie...
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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