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Hi all. I was wondering if y'all could help for just a bit?
As most of you all know, I just took in another small type dog.
No training at all. He's an 11 month old Puggle. Here is my idea. As I know small dogs like this can be trained like the bigger guys.
This, just like DaKota, will be just a beloved pet. What I want to do is give DaKota a refresher coarse in OB & train this little guy in OB too. In the past I did keep all of DaKota's Regements (homework for the week). I seemed to have missed placed them. Would someone have this type of work? As I do not remember what we worked on first. DaKota came to us not trained & that was about 8 yrs. ago. I also wanted to add that we do not treat train. DaKota won't take any types of treats outside of the home & I also prefer this. TIA, Yvette
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