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One of Ole's challenges was his startle reflex. Anything that startled him caused a reaction, often that reaction escalated.

This week we have been working in Home Depot. We walk back and forth down the main aisle in the middle of the store. All the other aisles merge into the main aisle along the entire width of the store. It has worked very well.

At random times, people pop out of side aisles into the main aisle. Over a couple of sessions, Ole has figured out:
1. Most things are actually a long way away. He has plenty of time to asses the thing in a calm manner.
2. For things that are close, he can actually hear before he sees them. So he can anticipate a cart or shopper is going to cross two aisles up long before he sees them.
3. Last, but not least. Almost nothing in the store cares about us. The shoppers just go about their business ignoring him.

The only challenge is employees who have seen us work for a while will sometimes come up and ask to pet Ole. I have to be quick to politely say even though he is adorable he still gets uncomfortable with strangers stopping to close to us.
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