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Recommendation for large crate for 1 yr GSD male?

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Hi all,
We currently have 2 crates (one upstairs and one down) for our pup Henry who is a 1 yr old GSD. It looks like the crate is getting a little tight for him. He is now 95 lbs and still has some growing to do (Dad was 110 so we expect him to be over 100 when he fills out). We have two different kinds of crates: a metal wire one that I put a towel over to darken and a cargo type of crate that we use only in the home (all plastic). He is a little houdini sometimes so whatever we choose has to have a good latch system in place.
1. What kind of crate do you recommend?
2. What is the proper size for him? How much room should be around him once he is laying down?

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