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Recommend a good shower hookup

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Can you guys recommend a good shower sprayer for dogs, a website maybe??
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I have this one for Kodee, and I LOVE it.

I'm no plumber, but I managed to get the hookup thingie -check out the professional lingo - (which stays attached to the showerhead) installed myself w/no leaks! (Yep, I was pretty proud of myself
), and the hose is easy to connect/disconnect when you need it. The sprayer that you hold in your hand has a little metal thing on it that you can lock the sprayer in the "on" position (so you don't have to hold the button down with your thumb the whole time you are spraying), or you can flip it out of the way, and the sprayer will stop spraying when you release your thumb from the button.

Probably my favorite thing about this one is that once you turn your water faucet on, and then the shower (so that the sprayer will work), if you aren't spraying the hose intentionally, the water doesn't keep running out of the faucet (hope I'm making sense). So basically, you aren't wasting water, but you don't have to keep turning your faucet off/on all the time, either. I don't bathe Kodee very often, but this thing is wonderful for when I do. I can get him rinsed so much better with it than with a cup (ugh!). Also, I don't fill the tub with water to get him good and wet, like I do with a cup (his coat is so thick it takes a while to wet him to the skin). I just use the sprayer for everything...

Good luck! Welcome to the board!
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