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oven fried pork chops (delicious)

6 pork chops (bone in)
1 pkg of Pepperidge farm seasoned stuffing (small pieces) or if cubed then put into ziplock and beat the crap out of it with rolling pin
2 eggs beaten
1 large cookie sheet pan 12x18???
1/2 stick butter (unsalted)

preheat oven to 425

dip chops in egg wash and press down into crumbs to coat chops well (the more that sticks the better)
put butter in pan first, place in oven to melt, take out of oven roll pan to completely cover bottom of sheet, then place chops in pan, make sure not to over crowd pan and that chops do not touch.
cook 12 minutes, flip over and cook 12 minutes on second side. lightly salt and pepper when you take them out. really really good and so very simple
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