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reading, PA 2 yr old gsd female

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Posting for someone else.

Gypsy is an excellent, wonderful dog – just needs a home where she’s the only dog. Please, please, please…if you know of anyone looking for a dog, please let me know. She’s a 2-year old german shep (no papers), fixed, house broken, weighs around 77 lbs. She likes to take walks and play in a fenced in yard.

I took her in when she was a puppy to save her from going to the local puppy pound when she was very young. She has been with me since. I have 2 other dogs also. (lab/collie mix that is 10 years old and a lab that is 8 years old). They have gotten into some scrapping lately and I don’t want to see any of them get seriously hurt. They all stay in the house 98% of the time.

Attached is a picture of her. If you are still interested, email me back or call me at 610.929.8614. (after 6). This is my house #.

e-mail is [email protected]

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she looks so sweet.....

maybe working with a behavioralist?
Originally Posted By: myamommaybe working with a behavioralist?

How about getting out of the house more than 2% of the time. That could probably make a HUGE difference!
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