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Really *any* veggie can be good for them as long as not in excess and as long as it does not fill them and cause them not to eattheir regular meals. Two things that are important here are that dogs cannot digest the cell wall of plants so, if you want to feed them raw veggies process them up in a food processor. The best thing is to cook them however as they would get more from them.

Onions and things in that family can cause Heinz body anemia but it does take quite a volume to do this.

No, corn is not going to harm them or any better or any worse than another veggie given. But, without cooking just like any grain or veggie will be difficult to digest just due to their biology.

I do not tend to give raw veggies as it is really just fiber. I give cooked and processed veggies
This they can digest and get vitamins etc from.

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