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So we are ten days in and things are going great! She has not got loose stool yet (know on wood)!!!

We went the first five days with chicken only no OM.

We then went then next 4 days with full portion of OM (5%) and her poops if anything got better! A little bigger and more firmness to them. I did need to adjust her amont, started at 2.25% and felt she was loosing weight so I went up to 2.6% of 60 lbs and her poop stayed great!

I added her second protein source today, which is day 10. She got half her MM in her dinner meal in venison. I have alot of it so I figured it would be an easy second protein, if things stay good I will add turkey in a week. I think my 4th protein will be another red meat, maybe beef. And then add fish and maybe some pork after that.

The questions I do have, are when should I add in Tripe, when I add beef?

And what about salmon oil and vit e? I do give her a multi-vitamin daily and did not stop that when starting up the raw diet. Should I wait to add the other supplements until all porteins have been introduced?

Thanks for all your help! And Laurie your great!!!

My current percentages are 40%rmb 55%mm and 5%om.
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