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Raisin Toxicity Question

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We were on vacation at the beach, Rosie played in the sand and salt water for several days. When we got home, we noticed she was leaking urine (very clear, looked like water at first). We took her to the vet and they drew blood and urine (results pending). On the way home, we remembered that we accidentally gave our GSD some raisins. We had given her some breakfast leftovers (this is unusual, but we were all on vacation). The breakfast included some cottage cheese, pineapple, strawberry, and granola. We then remembered that the granola had rasins in it. At most, she ate 10 raisins at 9:30 am. No vomitting, no diarrhea, playful, alert. Rosie is 73lbs (33kg). We took her back to the 24hr hospital and they drew blood again. Her renal function was normal at 6pm last night. They were normal again at 6am this morning. They are giving her IV fluids and checking her renal function every 12 hours. The vet thinks that the brief urinary incontinence and any raisin induced toxicity are not related. My guess is that there is a UTI or some irritation there since she was in the sand/ocean muck for 4 days and perhaps she got irritated.

All of the studies I've looked at say that the first sign of raisin toxicity is vomitting and diarrhea (she had none). Her renal function tests are normal 21 hours after injestion. She is bright and alert. The majority of the studies and webinfo correlates toxicity to the amount of raisins and size of dog (certain # of grams of raisins to kg of dog). Again, Rosie ate between 4 and 10 raisins, she is 73 lbs (33 kg). She is showing no classic raisin toxicity signs, and her blood work (renal function tests) are normal to this point.

Any info or reassurance at this point would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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The ASPCA paper:

If she has no symptoms and ate as few as only half a dozen raisins, I wouldn't worry.

Maybe she has a bladder infection from the salt water (since it destroys the good bacteria)?
My dogs have eaten a handful of raisins (and grapes) for many years (before their toxidity was known) and never showed any symptoms.
My dogs used to get grapes and raisins as treats. Before I knew they were harmful, of course. I fed my GSD and my 17 lb. Boston more raisins than I care to think about with NO ill effects. I have also read at the vet's office that their toxicity is not fully understood and that it does not affect all dogs. So, I agree that it is most likely a UTI and nothing more. But, it seems there is always something to worry about, right?
My vet has told me that the toxicity issue surrounding raisins and grapes were because of a particular pesticide commonly used on grapes, not in the food itself, which is why its not an across the board reaction, some can feed them with no issue (theory is that those are from batches without the pesticide) and sometimes it causes issue but only in larger volumes?? There is just so much misinformation out there, its hard to know what to believe!
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I wonder if she just injested too much water (my dogs always used to bite at the waves and ended up taking in a lot of water) and she couldn't filter fast enough, hence the diluted urine...if her renal functions were normal then I'd say no crisis Maedchen said, maybe UTI due to the salt water. Although usually when they get too much salt water they end up vomitting?

I know you said the vet didn't think the raisins and the incontinence were related, so what did they think the reason for her issue was?
They never gave me a theory behind the urine leakage. I think they are waiting on the urine culture. I remember being stuck at work during a snow storm. Rosie was alone for 14 hours and did not have an accident. She holds her pee for 8-10 hours with no problems. She did drink salt water and sand was everywhere. I am very optimistic regarding the raisins since we're almost out of the woods. 24 more hours of good renal values will do it. The more my wife and I think of it, the amount of raisins she actually ate keeps going down, more like 4-6 raisins. We said 10 as a worst case scenario. The call from the hospital this am said Rosie was in good spirits, eating chicken, and "doing great". We'll just wait and see. Please think good thoughs and prayers.
Rosie is in my prayers. Please keep us updated. I'm glad she is eating and her renal function tests are good. Probably a fluke due to new environment, sand, etc. How old is she?
Thank you very much. She'll be 4 in July. Big party planned. I want to get a clown that makes cat balloons!
Not only is beach water salty and there's the sand, but it's often polluted. Very often HIGHLY polluted. I don't know where you live or where you visited, but there is truly some icky stuff in ocean water, from fecal matter (seriously!) to industrial waste.

So, it's just as likely that. Once she's feeling better, give her a bath.
If there were something truly bad in the water, it's still in her coat, so it's a good idea to get it off her.
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I'm betting it's a urinary tract infection. We took our dogs to the beach earlier this year and our female Corgi caught a UTI presumably from the water. Her first symptom--loss of housebreaking/leaking very clear urine.

One course of antibiotics cleared it up.
Visited with Rosie last night, she is her doing fine and is anxious to come home. Her kidney values have not changed from normal and they are still pushing IV fluids. Peeing and pooping just fine. In retrospect, I bet she had maybe 4 rasins. I'd rather this kind of retrospect than saying "we should have taken her sooner". Anyway, $1800 lesson learned.

The ocean we visited was in Kennebunkport, Maine. Very dog friendly town and oceanfront resort.

Rosie comes home tonight!!!
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