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Quincy, MI 10-8110 Male, adult, *one eye* shelter adopt

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Viewable on web until: December 03, 2010
Location Found:Stock St/Litchfield City/Hillsdale County

Description:Red Collar-NO TAGS
*Has 1 eye*

168 S Ray-Quincy Rd
Quincy, MI 49082


Branch County Government - Animal Adoption

gassing shelter
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i don't see him on the branch county website link. are we certain he's still there?
i was not able to get thru to the shelter, got a recording, i think they have short hours on monday. his hold time was up today.

bless your heart bud.
this is so sad, my heart aches for this guy. Something about him. I hope he made it out, if not RIP buddy. Let me know if you want me to call the shelter on tues to see if he made it out. Let me know.
I can't quite see it in the picture - but does it look like he's got on a snapped or broken (or chewed through) leash? (Looks sort of bluish and purple?) If so, maybe his owners came and got him? Or am I grasping at straws here...? :( Poor guy....
Good News :):)

I called the shelter and was told he was adopted!
Oh that is great news!!!!! Thank-You for finding this out. I hope he got a good home and he is loved
well i'd surely like to believe this is older dog, missing an eye, on his last day...

in any case, goodspeed to him, wherever he is. bless your heart again bud.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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