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Greetings to all of you wonderful German Shepherd Folks.

I do not have German Shepherds but felt the breeders here would be able to give me more realistic and comprehensive information than a sighthound forum where fistulas are not common.

I need the skinny on what life is "really" like for a dog with perianal fistulas and for the people caring for said dog. What is expected quality of life/lifespan. what are the side effects of medications used or surgeries done and how do those affect quality of life.

Are fistula's actually heritable and if heritable in one breed wouldn't they also be considered heritable in other breeds?

If you purchased a show/breeding puppy that developed fistulas before the age of 2 - would you return it to the breeder, place it, care for it yourselves (given you have the budget for that) or other. What is the ethical feeling about placing a dog with fistulas in a pet home, possibly dooming the new owner to a lifetime of medical costs.

Thank you all for any input you can give.
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