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Questioning Mandalays Reaction

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Last night I got up at 2am, as I always do, to let her out. I have mentioned that I am 8 months pregnant, and to top it off I am not very graceful in my pregnant state. Well last night as I was stepping out onto the deck, I stepped on the edge of the rug and lost my balance and fell. I fell to the side and ended up fracturing my foot. Well when I fell I kinda screeched. Mandi was still inside the door, so thank good ness I did not land on her, but I did let go of her leash long enough that she was able to run back into the house.

My husband heard me scream and came running and when he did, Mandi started barking and growling at him (while backing up from him at the same time). I called to her and she settled down and then realized that it was my husband (I had not turned on the lights so it was still dark in the house). At this point though, she ran and hid under the air hockey table and would not come out. I told my husband to go back into the other room cuz she kept looking in his direction and I got her to come to me after about a minute (I was still on the ground just outside the door on the deck at this point).

I got up and she refused to come through the door to the deck. I had to hobble to the front door and let her out that way. This morning she went through that door, but was very reluctant to do so.

My questions are:

I am assuming that she was afraid of the doorway because I screamed and she was probably caught off guard by that and since I was in the doorway when I screamed, she associated the two.

Since she NEVER acts like that toward my husband, was it just that he entered the area at the wrong time (when all the commotion of me screaming and falling was taking place)?

She seemed okay with him this morning (she was curled up with him in the chair since he will allow her to sit in his lap), but I have never seen a dog act that way. But then again, I have never been in that situation before.

The only other time I saw Mandi show any kind of aggression was yesterday AM when the neighbors dog snuck up behind us (on her side of the fence though) and barked and Mandi turned and started barking back while backing up away. I chalk that up to being a puppy (almost 14 weeks now) and being frightened by the new dog over the fence. (the neighbors dog was not barking meanly, she is a sweet Golden, but she barks at everything she sees).
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Puppies get frightened. So she was scared because of you falling and screeching. So this might have been what she was thinking, Oh my goddness something BAD is out there it upset my mom, oh NO it must be really bad because she didn't come to me.. Oh no, oh no, what do I do. Holy cow the big guy snuck up on me, oh geeze I need to bark and growl. My mom can't help me so I have to do it, OH I am so confused.... all I wanted was to go potty.

The good thing is she recoved. I think a little scare in a pups life isn't bad, what you look for is how they recover.

your response made me laugh. I had this cartoon-ish vision of a puppy standing upright with its paws on either side of its cheeks turning it head back and forth while walking backward away from everything.
Sorry to hear! ( I broke my finger when I was 8 months pregnant!)

GSD are so intuitive and protective, she was reacting to your fall.
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