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I glued Kodee's ear up w/Skin Bond and Dr. Scholl's molefoam shoe inserts (cut to fit). I'm wondering whether to take it off, as it seems his ear is up, but standing out a little to the side. I could tape it and have it stand up, but I was considering taking the shoe inserts out altogether, as maybe his ear will stay up on it's own now. I glued it about a week ago, and was taping it before that, so I've been keeping his ear up for about 3 weeks total.

Should I take the inserts out of his ear yet? Or wait for them to come out on their own (and add tape in the meantime to keep it pointing UP, and not slightly OUT like it is now?)

Also, if i should remove the inserts, what's the best product to use to remove the glue? I know I can order the actual glue remover from a pharmacy supply place, but was wondering if there are any "home remedy" type ways to remove the glue that would not be harmful to his skin?

Thanks in advance!
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