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Question re: e-collar/Cinch-It and contacts/fit

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I just purchased a Dogtra 1900NCP collar from Leerburg, along w/Ed's DVD on Pet Owner and E-Collars, and a Cinch-It collar (medium). I went ahead and put the receiver unit on the Cinch-It, and I've watched the first 4 chapters of the DVD so far.

Anyway, this may sound kind of dumb, but for those of you who use the Cinch-It, do you mark where the notch is that you use, or do you just tighten it "by feel" each time you put it on? I just started conditioning Kodee to wear the collar, and I've been putting the unit on/off a few times today, and I just tighten it by feel each time. He's long-coated, so it's hard for me to see what I'm doing, but if you all think it's worthwhile, I might try to mark the collar notch somehow.

The other thing is I bought some longer (3/4") contacts to put on it if I need them. I haven't done that yet. I assume I should try the collar without them and see if I get a reaction (when we're ready to start). Is that ok, or should I go ahead and start conditioning him w/the longer contacts? Or does it even matter?

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The longer contacts would probably be better on a longer coat, I would recommend going to Lou Castle's web site to get some tips from him. I like his protocols and he has some very good tips and directions there.

Go slowly and make sure you guide her into her behaviors, Good luck!
Your going to need to use the longer prongs. The mediums or standard ones on the collars are for short haired dogs like labs and hounds. None of my dogs are coated but I still needed the slightly longer prongs to ensure good contact.
Defiinetly get the longer prongs. I have to change them out each time from my labs to my GSD's because the short ones dont work through the long coat.
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