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Question - "Potty Area"

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Hi, All ~

I am new to this site. Luv it!! First off, I must say we are an extremely proud family of our 15 week GSDs, Ritz and Duke :). They have been wonderful for the 8 weeks that we have had them and fall more and more in love with them each and every day. I'm sure this is nothing new to any of you that are members of this Forum. After all, this is the reason what brought us here!!

We do have a concern. We have an area in the back yard that is their designated potty area. It is approximately 12 x 5 in size. Needless to say, this area is becoming very, very saturated with urine. Of course, the feces get picked up 3X/day. The feces is not our problem. We live in the Midwest and winter is arriving. So, for the cold months ahead it will be somewhat tolerable. When spring/summer arrives again, I am concerned the area will be a swamp. Being such extremely clean dogs, the pups are a bit reluctant to go there now and the ground is nearly frozen. I thought of dusting several boxes of baking soda in the entire area. Would this be a good idea? Do any of you know if there is a product I could purchase for this purpose?? Any thoughts on what I could do to bring this area back to an acceptable potty area for our little guys??

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you!
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LOL your gonna have a big dog... its bound to happen unless you own acres of land... i had a pristine lawn this past summer, but i decided that the dog takes precedence so if my back yard looks like crap (not literally) so be it, the dog is more important to me than the lawn which they do make spot fixers that grow pretty quick to get some of the dead grass... one thing ive learned is spraying ammonia in one spot and he seems to favor that spot.. or after each time you clean you can just spray it with water to saturate the area and have a better chance of the spot not dying
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