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My dogs always had their designated potty areas. Wolfie has a 10 x 10 potty area at our beach house. I spread garden lime and rake it in when I notice the smell. It isn't poisonous to dogs.

I found this answer on

Lime is used for gardening and disinfecting and drying out moist, smelly areas. It is a component of calcium carbonate and is used to enrich the soil or disinfect barns. It is not harmful to animals or insects of any kind. It is not a pesticide as some think. It only enriches the soil and helps vegetables or fruit grow better. Calcium Carbonate is a dietary supplement that many people take daily for their bones. However, do not eat lime as I'm sure the taste is awful. Anything in extremely large quantities will hurt anyone or anything. If your dog or cat licks it, rest assured they won't do it twice.

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