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Originally Posted By: BlackGSDIs there that much difference in the effects of the Grizzly or Alaskan Bear oil VS the "cheapo" Salmon oil capsules they have at Walmart?

Several years ago I gave my dogs Salmon oil and Vit E. But the only place I could notice any difference was in my wallet. I couldn't see any difference in the dogs when they were on it vs when they weren't.
According to Consumer Reports, there is a HUGE difference in potency (and consistency between batches) between certain brands of vitamins and supplements and others. CR recommends that people buy vitamins and supplements from reputable national manufacturers (and they included Costco's Kirkland brand in this).

I tend to believe CR since they do their own research in their own independently-funded labs. Obviously, they didn't test Grizzly or other veterinary brands. So I guess it's up to each of us to decide whether the more "expensive" brands are considered "reputable national brands."

Personally, that's part of the reason that I only buy national brands human grade supplements for my dogs. They're more expensive (or maybe they're not, compared to some brands) but I know that I'm getting what I pay for. With off brands, there's just no way to know that we're not just getting a bunch of filler and not much else.

With regard to your experience, it seems to me that if we can't see the difference when our dogs are on a supplement (expensive or otherwise) and when they're not, it's just possible that they don't need it. I don't know that all of us humans need to take Fish Oil supplements. It's supposed to be great for us, for our brains and our hearts. But if we're eating a healthy diet high and balanced in essential fatty acids, getting a lot of exercise, fresh air, cognitive and social stimulation, maybe a glass of red wine here and there, (and avoid all the bad-for-you stuff), then we may just not need extra fish oil in a capsule. Or even a multi-vitamin.

After all, supplements are supposed to provide what we *should* be getting in a good diet, but aren't. If work meticulously and we do it right, then we don't need a supplement. In theory, at least.
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