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I don't know if there are any active members here with Ring Sport background, but a recent thread on fake registries brought up an interesting question.

Someone mentioned the ACA, which after some on-line searches turned out to be the American Canine Association - which is mostly a puppy mill/pet shop puppy registry. Their list of "events" include puppy mill dog auctions (get 'em cheap!) Google "Lambriar" too, as a "seminar" provider.

What was odd is that the ACA is the sanctioning body of ARF - American Ringsport Federation - an alternative (new) ringsport organization to the NARA, North American Ring Association, which is the ring sport governing body in the USA.

So my question is, does anyone know the connection between the ACA and the ARF? The ARF website has the ACA logo right on the home page, and their "About Us" page does specify (in part) that:
ARF will be run under the auspices of the American Canine Association (ACA) in the United States
If you look at their application paper work, many have a space for your dog's ACA registration number.

It just seems so odd and strange that a working-dog/sport organization would align themselves with a puppy-mill registry.

Anybody know what this is really about?
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