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@LWR please don’t leave the forum because someone said something you don’t like.

I think you are in a tough spot. It’s one we all hope doesn’t happen to us. Can you share the X-rays? Someone might be able to read them and give further advice or a second opinion.

I purchased my dog without seeing him first. So some on the forum may say don’t buy a dog sight unseen, but plenty of us have done that.

I made sure the breeding parents had good hips and that the dog’s bred by the breeder have good hips. Even then I knew there was a risk of some issue.

Was there a contract stating what would occur if the dog has hip/elbow issues? It’s pretty common to give a replacement or refund if the dog is returned. Some breeders might also give a half refund if you keep the dog.

I’m sorry your pup is having a rough time and I hope the best for his future.
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