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Our pup turned 17 weeks yesterday and for the first time discovered an obsession with fetching. I was so happy, I just kept throwing the ball, with her returning, and the last time I threw the ball out it took an odd bounce and went past our bird feeder that hangs on a shepherds hook. Well, she made a beeline for the ball and nailed the shepherds hook, letting out a yelp and getting to the ball with a bit of a limp. My wife and I both ran over to her and took her in the house, and just made her relax the rest of the night. She walked around without showing any signs of pain, and she didn't look like she was favoring either leg, but I wanted to keep an eye on it.

Today she seems fine, and while I wasn't going to play fetch at all today, I got done working on the house and she wanted to spend some time with me, so we went out to the backyard and walked around, and now she's bringing the ball to me, so I threw it a couple times, and it seemed like she was running a bit off, like that leg was bothering her, so I stopped again.

Our previous GSD passed away about 3 months ago and she's our new addition, so my wife and I are uber-sensitive about her. I don't think she hurt herself yesterday to the point that she needs to go to the vet, but I do want to keep her on light duty a few days, and maybe no fetch for a week (which is killing me since she finally started fetching). I figure she probably bruised something and if she's running too hard she feels it more, but I just wanted to put it out to the group and see what others opinions are. I told my wife I'd expect this would be like a dog hitting a sapling while chasing a rabbit/squirrel, but I'm still just a bit uneasy about it.

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