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Question about Exercise with Pano

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My 7 month old puppy was diagnosed with Pano 2 weeks ago and started on Rimadyl twice a day. Even on the meds, he's still limping. How much and what kind of exercise can he do? He still wants to run and play, but I'm not sure how much is too much.
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Hi neighbor- I'm in north salt lake

My golden retriever was diagnosed with Pano around 4 months, but has since almost totally outgrown it (now 16 months). We found that low impact exercise worked well. It was impossible to keep him from running (he is spring loaded!), but we tried to limit it as much as possible. (outside on a leash to take care of business, then back inside)

I found that starting him in obedience helped a LOT. The mental stimulation of working with me on healing, sitting, staying, learning to heal, and walking (slow) on a lead, ect. was enough to work the 'crazies' out of him!

Be careful with Rimadyl. I have used it with several old dogs and was always cautious. Rimadyl is also very hard on their stomachs (such as bleeding ulcers), and also contribute to liver or kidney problems. I was reluctant to give it to him at all. I gave him half a tablet only when he limped.
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I am just curious, what diet is Kodi on? Onyx went thru this as well(3x) and am interested in dietary causes. I 2nd the opinion on Rimadyl. I used ascriptin only with Onyx.
Max is on Innova Adult. I checked with a homeopathic vet in North Salt Lake and have set up an appointment for accupuncture. I've also picked up some Arnica. I'll only use the Rimadyl for severe limping.
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