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Question about eating poop!

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Not sure if this is where this quetion goes, sorry in advance....
I just got a puppy about 3 weeks ago he was 8 weeks old at the time. When we got him, he was outside with 3 big dogs(one being the mother) and 4 puppies (his litter). He was very underweight. The lady told us that the vet had told her his weight was fine. I don't think he was but, anyways, took him home and since then has gained weight. He seems to be gaining weight, we don't take the food dish from him cause we want him to fatten up a bit, but to the question. He will go outside to pee and poop and he will carry dried poop to his food tray. Or if he poops he will immediately start eating his poop. Why?? Could it be a medical reason? Thanks in advance.
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What are you feeding him? Most dogs are poop eaters, especially cat poop b/c cat food is very yummy. Often, poor diet creates big, yummy poops. My dogs are less likely to eat dog poop from themselves and other dogs fed more premium foods. They will eat cat poops any chance they get (so the litter boxes are kept behind closed doors).

I've heard you can feed the dog pineapple to discourage eating poop, but I'd examine his diet first. It's likely you are feeding him too much, he is not digesting it all very well, and thus the poop is coming out a lot like his dog food so he eats it again.
Thanks for the info...I thought maybe my GSD was the only one doing that: : ) He was on Purina Puppy chow when we got him but now we have him on Natural Balance. What is weird, is he will go pick it up bring it to his dish and eat it??? Someone told me that I should schedule his feedings now that he has gained weight. Maybe that will help then. TY
You are over-feeding your pup. Poop eating comes from incomplete digestion which is a product of over feeding. Be careful encouraging too fast growth in your puppy because not only can you have this problem but you can develop pano and other problems.

If you schedule feedings you have the advantage of knowing how much your dog is eating when as well as if he decides not to eat. You also avoid bugs and bacteria flouishing in an unfinished meal...
Jesse at 8 weeks as soon as we got him he was eating his poop but he was on a garbage diet when we got him, we quickly switched him over to very good quality food and after 5 days mixing old and new food and fully on new food he stopped eating his poo. Cat poo - oh my yup dogs love to eat that, we had to lock our litter box up from Jesse, our last dog learned fast it was a no no but we got him over a year old, Jesse being a puppy it is way too tempting a treat to steal....
I was also wondering about eating poop, as my foster girl Ava will poop and eat it- we are in the process of getting rid of her hookworms and whipworms, so I definately dont want her to keep reinfecting herself. She will poop, walk away, I will run to get the bleach, paper towels and bag and she already came back and ate some!! So, when she does have an accident inside, (which are getting fewer thank goodness) I have to crate her right away so she doesnt eat it.
In puppies poop eating can also come from watching their mom in the whelping box. Usually mom will clean up after her pups and eat their poop then.
Maybe you can clean up after the dog to prevent it from eating poop and train to "leave it" if he shows interest in it. It shouldn't take long until he gets the message.
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