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The lady who owns our dog park speaks often about wolves, and therefore dogs, being social, pack animals who enjoy the company of other dogs and adapt naturally to dog parks, at least if their humans behave correctly. However, two of our dogs do not. My husband says that wolves are social only with their own pack and would consider wolves in other packs enemies, so therefore it would be UNNATURAL for a dog to easily adapt to the dog park. So, who is correct?

Both are correct in a way.

The lady is correct when she says that dogs are pack animals that enjoy the company of other dogs (some dogs do not enjoy other dogs though), just because a dog is friendly with other dogs does not mean that they will be ok with going to a dog park with 10+ dogs around, it could make them uncomfortable.

Your husband is correct when he says wolves are only social with their own pack, they do consider other packs as enemies or competion. When it comes to dog packs, dogs can get along with their pack only and not like other dogs, when you bring your pack to a dog park they can gang up on other dogs.

I have a very social 1.5 year old male GSD, he loves dogs, cats and people. I used to take him to the dog park once a week since he was a puppy, we never had a problem, he played with all of the dogs and he never got into a fight.

I have a 1.5 year old male GSD/Husky mix, he only likes my GSD, he does not like other dogs, he is dog aggressive. He cannot go to the dog park.
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