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Question about dog food brands

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It has been some time since I have been here. We got a GSD in March, she was 18m at the time and came from a very neglected home. She was overweight and had been changed dog food so many time by her previous owners, that we decided to stay with what she was use too, which was Beneful, healthy weight.
Well with exercise and love she lost weight and is about 95lbs now.
We also have a 8yr old yellow lab who is on Chicken soup for the dog lover's senior formula.
Mya has always had trouble with loose stools, at time everything is fine and then other times it is just pale brown and like a cow pie!
Two weeks ago we switched her to Canidae. She likes it and it actually makes her slow down a bit while she is eating. But her stools haven't straightened out yet and I have noticed she is scratching more.
I am new to all the digestive and skin issues that a GSD can have so I want to do what is best for her. Our vet has made some suggestions but it is alot of trial and error he says. So any help would be appreciated.
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Unfortunately he's right, it is trial and error for a lot of people. I'd try a grain-free dry, I can't remember if Canidae is or not. There's a lot of info on the feeding forum- I use Nature's Variety Instinct Rabbit because mine aren't crazy about chicken and some dogs are sensitive to it.
I have to check to if the Canidae is grain free. Maybe it is the chicken in it. I will check.
Switching foods can cause loose stools if you don't do it gradually. The itching isn't a good sign that that brand is agreeing with them
But she has always itched since we have had her, so how do I know if it is the food or not?
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