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Pupsicle pic!

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We hava a tradition in our family that my husband and i take turns doing something special alone with our girls. This Spring I took them to the Clicker Expo in KY and this weekend my husband has taken my girls to Kings Island! That leaves me home to take care of Radar and he is really missing his girls and all of the attention and play he gets from their friends that are always here too! He is also really chewing more than ever so I think the poor guy is teething. I tried a nylabone last night and it only lasted a few minutes and then it was gone so then I tried a Kong with water frozen in it and he LOVED it. He enjoyed it better than he does when I put food in them! It's in the 90's all weekend here in TN so I started thinking of what else I could do to cheer him up and help his teeth and I made pupsicles! He loves it and it was easier than trying to plug the small kong hole (I used canning wax- there has to be an easier way!) Now I'm looking for more stuff to freeze and I think I willl add kibble to the next one when it is half frozen!
Here's our 1st one!

Radar has to eat it outside!

Meanwhile Haley sent me a text photo from Kings Island... I bet Radar and her will enjoy this when she gets home!
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Ill have to remember that for sarge, he loves cold stuff like I ice cubes, and of course Ice

I used to live in Ohio many years ago, My girlfriend and I went to kings island with another couple. Thats when the beast (roller coaster) was just opened. The 3 of them talked about it all week, how great it will be to ride the beast. I told them I didnt want to ride it. Im not a big roller coaster fan and I didnt want to stand in line for 3 hours. So I hear about this all week long. We get there Im still catchin it so I say, OK. So we stand in line for 3 hours to ride that stupid thing.

The car leaves the ramp, we are next and my girlfriend says...I DONT WANT TO RIDE IT!!! Im like WHAT!!! After all this you dont want to ride??? I said well you cant go back so whats your plan??

When the car comes we'll just step all the way through instead of sitting down!!! Ok I say, if you dont want to ride then we wont. So the the car comes, people exit, and she steps in. When she's actually in the car I grabbed her by the back pocket of her jeans and sat her down in the seat. Then I sat down at the same time and pulled the big locking bar down before she could get up.

She looks at me like..WHY THE HECK DID YOU DO THAT!!! I smiled at her and said, I listened to you guys all week, I stood in line for 3 hours to get on this thing all because you wanted to, so now here we are, AND WERE TAKIN THE RIDE!!! All the time im smilin and shes now terrified!! lol. It slowly pulls away and starts that clank clank clank up the hill until your way over the trees!!! It was quite the ride for sure, I was married to her for 20 years, brought up 2 great children, AND I STILL NEVER LIVED DOWN DOING THAT TO HER!!! lol
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