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puppy's eating schedule

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I have a 9 week old puppy and I feed him three meals a day. Breakfast is at 9 am, lunch at 1 and dinner at 5. Is this a good eating schedule? Should I feed him breakfast earlier or dinner later?
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That's a long time between dinner and breakfast the next morning...currently the pup is going 16 hours without food.

It's not a huge deal, but sometimes when a dogs stomach is empty for a long time, they can spit up some pale, clear, foamy bile. It's just nature's way of saying "feed me!" So if you notice that, there you go.

My dogs also eat an early dinner because that works best for my schedule--so I compensate by giving a bedtime snack.

Just reserve a mouthful of his dinner and feed it as a bedtime snack. Or provide something else then. My dogs get a bedtime snack of a few spoonsful of yogurt. Just a little something so they don't go all night on an empty stomach.

At some point in the future (maybe at age 5 months or so) you can reduce the feedings to twice a day and space them out at 12 hours apart, or as close as you can manage.
I was feeding kenzo every 8 hours until he is 6 months old. You can try this..
I agree with Tracy. That is a long time that the pup is going without food-16 hours. I know it all does depend on the pup. Are you giving him anything in between the meals? I think a bed time snack would do him good, it doesn't have to be alot, just enough to get some food in his stomach.

Good Luck!
Also is he eating kibble or raw? I remember in another post that you wanted to feed raw but the breeder was feeding kibble.
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