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puppy with an itch!

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Hi guys, long time follower on the boards, first time poster. I had a question about my dog. So my GSD is three months old, and she's an absolutely amazing dog. I noticed a few weeks ago that she had been itching herself. As time progressed, i noticed her itching and gnawing on herself more and more. I've checked her several times thoroughly and have seen no evidence of fleas, or flea dirt, or blood, or scabbing. I then thought of allergies and tried reading up on allergies and dogs and I read to try benadryl. I've given her benadryl (childrens because target apparently was out of regular)) for the past 3 days, and havent really noticed a change in her scratching. Are there any other suggestions as for as allergy medications go? I dont know if this goes hand-in-hand with the scratching, but also the inside of her ears are red and kind of inflamed, but i havent noticed her scratching her ears or anything at all. any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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What are you feeding? Do you supplement with salmon oil? Vitamin C is also an anti-histamine, start with 500mg(human grade) and up it over a weeks time to 1000mg split between meals.
Depending on where you live the air can be very dry, so humidity helps with the skin and coat.
Pup is probably going thru a coat change which can cause itchy's. Because the ear is inflamed, it could be the food, get a swab done and have the vet treat accordingly. If she starts chewing her paws, then an allergy is very possible.
There are many better foods to feed, several threads on the subject as well.
Just go slow introducing it, she is young and it may cause her to have funny looking stools. Be sure to give it with food(yogurt or something mixed in w/ the kibble). You can also supplement with raw eggs, and canned jack mackarel, that will help with the coat.
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