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Good to hear Diego is getting used to his crate. I think we were lucky in that Qadira took to her crate right away. Her crate is right next to our bed at night so she can see and hear us breathing. I often hear her wake up and move about at night, you know that thud when they plop down in a new position. I like the way she smells so I like it that she is next to my side of the bed. Only issue I have been working on is her biting heals and sleeves. She is most energetic in the morning from 6-8AM, then settles down, then in the evening she starts up again btween 5-7PM chasing and grabbing my pant legs. Some days are better than others, today she was all over me. I have tried redirecting her which works sometimes, the "ouch" which worked for about one day. Now I usually hold still and repeat "no biting" and "let go" until she stops. To her it is a game. I also tried the ignore her routine and that works reasonably well. Since I want to do Schutzhund with her I am not sure if it is good to be too hard on her about biting. She seems to have learned to reduce her bite grip, or sometimes she will lick me then it turns into little nips like she is testing my tolerance for her biting.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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