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LOL!!! I have been going through this exact same thing with my puppy... she is 13 weeks now and has figured out that screaming and whining does nothing to her. Other than one day she might lose her voice. We got her at 8 weeks and the first couple of nights, she basically voiced her opinion about us putting her into the crate... ALLL night long... every day since then she has gotten better. She has realized that the screaming does nothing for her, she never gets out of the crate if she screams/whines, unless I think she has to go potty, then I will take her outside directly, and then after she potties, right back in the crate. Every day she cried less and less and now it is almost nothing.
So yes it does stop, just stay consistent and do not give in!!! I know how hard that can be...
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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