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Is this a puppy? I personally NEVER recommend leaving a puppy outdoors unattended, so if you stop that, so will the barking

As far as the indoor crate training goes, I always use a modified version of this cause I also don't have the heart for the whining.

At night, the crate is right beside my bed, so the whining is usually just for a minute or so and then we all sleep.

The rest of the day, when I'm home, I use closed doors, baby gates and vigilance to keep my pup in the same room I am in. The idea of the crate is to confine and control our pups so we can train them. So, if I am home, and they are in the same room, it's a similar situation.

The only other time I crate is when I leave the house. I have a calm quiet routine I always follow that ends with kind of an exciting part of me GETTING A TREAT and then going to the crate, tossing the treat in (pup should follow) close the crate door and then (this is important) I immediately leave the house.

The whining is the NORMAL behavior our puppies are genetically set up to do when 'the pack' is separated. They are trying to communicate to the 'stupid humans' that they are stuck, can't get out and OVER HERE!!!!!!! And since clearly we are deaf, they must have to get pretty loud so we may hear......
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