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puppy vaccinations

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questions on shots. Our new girl will be 8 weeks old when we get her. Breeder will give first set of shots. When do we get the second set, and when will it be safe to take her out and about - want to start socializing ASAP.
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Jesse got second shots at 12 weeks then 3rd set at 16 weeks (inc. Rabies).

I know of some who got second shot at 10 weeks and 3rd at 14 weeks - shots are usually 4 weeks apart.

Your vet will tell you.

We took Jesse out socializing at 8 weeks but in safe places, ie family homes and family dogs, dogs I knew were healthy and had full shots, we walked in park, with neighbors I knew, we took him to Pet Smart for socialization at 10 weeks cause that is when he started puppy education.

Depends on the vet. Some say every 3 weeks others say every 4 weeks.
I would do a search for Dr. Jean Dodd's protocol. Many vets over vaccinate, and you wouldn't want that.
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