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Hi Everyone! Its been awhile since I've been on and given an update. Hüter is turning into a wonderful dog. He's one week away from being 8 months.

He's 75lbs and just barely shy of 26" at withers. Its hard to get him to sit still, so thats an underestimate. He's muscular and energetic and well socialized. He's unaltered and has zero problems with other males, even other unaltered ones. As far as house manners goes he does really well and is very obedient. The only thing he needs work on is he still gets a little excited to see you or new people. He doesnt jump, but he want attention. So he's learning to just go lay down and wait to be called over. But he does well with a reminder.

Obedience is going good as well. We are working on longer down stays, and he's eager to please. I have to change his motivation up every once in awhile. But he likes to work/train. He's my Service Dog in Training and he's doing excellent with that as well :)

Needless to say, I'm proud of my boy. All the skin issues he had as a pup have completely cleared up and his vet says he's in excellent shape and health <3


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