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Puppy Structure

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I was reading "Tricks of the Trade" by Pat Hastings and she repeatedly says that a puppy's structure at 8 weeks old (give or take 3 days) is what the puppy will be as an adult. Often, I hear breeders say that they can't tell what the puppy will be as an adult, until the puppy is several months old (atleast).

Which is most correct?
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i agree with the breeders, but ill let a more knowledgable person answer!!!
I have found that with GSD's it can depend on the bloodline. With my dogs being linebred on Sundance Kid they can go thru some real uglies later in puppyhood, so I like to choose early, around the 7-8 week age. Other bloodlines seem to take longer to develop, and their breeders like to choose later. I have had pretty good luck with it.
Personally I like to see puppies right at birth while they are still wet and not full of can see so much of their structure and I tend to see it as pretty accurate. Of course within a half hour they are fat full of milk and the window is gone lol But, I do like to look at them at birth.

Molly 5 weeks

Molly7 months

I hope this gives you better understanding.
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I can't comment on this thread but I will say that Molly has matured beautifully.
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Thank You. She's a spitfire..keeps me on my toes.
Very interesting.

Andaka - That's a good point (about the bloodlines causing variation).

Cherri - That's an interesting thought - I had not heard of evaluating structure at birth.

Romance - Thank you for posting the pictures as illustration.
Your Molly is incredible.

Other thoughts, anyone?
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Wow, I'm always amazed how our puppies can change. And Molly is a nice looking dog.
I generally stack my working line puppies at seven weeks, taking photos of stacks and heads (to get an idea of earset), any later than that - its too late IMO. One thing I have noticed, the better the movement (and choice of gait) in a natural setting (i.e. just observing in the puppy play area as opposed to on a leash), the more correct the structure - from the get go.
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