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When I first got Lay my SIL was amazing with sending me lists of stores and discount codes at said stores! I have seen a ton of "new puppy" posts and thought it would be a good time to share my master list!

Best thing I have ever purchased

Rubit Collar
Rubit Carabiner Dog Tag Clips

Collars and Leashes

This is my favorite general collar for Lay and is what she is currently wearing

Scatter Brained Collars

NativeHound* (HAPPYRINGO 10%)

HarborHoundCo (NORM10 10%)

Vivid Collars

Beautiful Mutts


Paw Cream

Lightening Soft Paws


Atticus Own

Treats Happen (MARCEL10 10%)

There was more on the list but these were the ones I found that had the best selection, for the best prices.
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