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In my case, I have normally seen my older dogs get a little "spark" back from having a puppy around. Kiya is 6 yrs, she has health issues, she has seizures and has been on meds for almost 5 years, her hind end is weak from Ataxia caused from the drugs. I observe my dogs and I trust my gut. Half the time if I stepped in to "calm" the play thinking Kiya had enough, I watch Kiya go back for more. My 8 yr old still isn't 100% about the pup who is now 9 months old, but he has definately warmed up to her a bit and will initiate play now. He even does his grizzly bear routine with her. My pup, Lakota, never tried to play with the 8 yr old like she does with the 6 yr old, he would not tolerate her and she learned to respect him. Of course I never left the pup alone with them until I was confident it was ok. I still confine my pup when we are not home in the house and at night. So the older dogs definately get a break from her. She's mellowed out so much over the months, most of the time she behaves well.
Have you seen any sign the pup has brought a little life back to your older dog, or does he snarl at the pup and turn away.
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